Our History

Spectrum Engineering was established in 2002, and from humble beginnings, the firm has managed consistent and steady, year on year growth. Spectrum Engineering has developed and increased its capacity & expertise in key areas of infrastructure construction and telecom implementation. The company has evaluated and works with a number of local and international sub-contractor partners and suppliers, and can offer a full range of turnkey and specialist services to its clients.

The company has, over the years, developed long term relationships with all the leading international vendors in the region as well as a number of local operators. Spectrum Engineering provides construction, installation, optimization and intervention services to fixed line, mobile networks, government and security agencies, as well as works with ISPs, V-Sat, earth station, and private network operators.

Governing Values & Policy Statements

The governing values of Spectrum Engineering, are the core values that we uphold and adhere to, as we go about our work, and they define how we interact with each other, with our clients, our suppliers, and the world at large.

The directors and management of Spectrum have defined the way it wants to do business by means of a statement on its governing values. Key amongst these values are ethical behavior and integrity together with quality and competency.

Based upon this foundation of governing values, Spectrum has formulated a number of policies covering such things as the environment, health and safety, quality, employment, etc. These policies are foremost as we go about our day to day work.

Our Vision

The vision of Spectrum Engineering is that we shall be recognized and respected as a reliable and dependable partner that will be the first choice for established and new customers. That is for the delivery of a complimentary range of quality services, that we perform on time, every time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a timely and dependable range of complimentary project management, telecom implementation, maintenance and intervention services that exceed our customer’s performance and quality expectations and are performed in an efficient, cost effective and professional manner.


Our quality & safety department works independently of our business and operations divisions and reports directly to the Managing Director. As well as producing our various quality and safety manuals, the main duties of the department include maintenance of our quality management systems, facilitation of workshops, trainings and audits, assessments, and investigations into quality and safety matters.

Social Responsibility

Our business code of ethics outlines employee conduct on issues such as ethics, values, environment, diversity, employee respect and customer service.

We have a workplace health and safety program to protect our employees and prevent accidents and injuries.

Through our in-house activities and initiatives, we have planted trees as a company, in our commitment to protect the environment.
Recycling and Reusing is Encouraged.