Project Management

Through our Projects Department, Spectrum manages the implementation and execution of all it’s jobs and projects. Our Projects Analysts and Planning Engineer, assists our Project Managers with planning and financial management of projects and also acts as an “in-house” quality representative, independently of our quality department.


Our engineering department assists our Project Managers by providing services across a number of disciplines in civil and structural work. This includes site survey, structural analysis and installation design. Additionally, our Engineering Department, provides drawing office services and onsite technical support and supervision. Technical Assistance, in terms of secondment of Specialist Engineers, Project Managers and Supervisors, is provide to a number of clients.

Field Services

Other than our regular Telecom Implementation work, we undertake more specific activities and can offer full turnkey project solutions.

We undertake site surveys & site audits, and offer intervention, upgrade and maintenance services.
Spectrum Engineering also offers, dedicated onsite support, and reliable logistics & transportation.

We also design and fabricate infrastructure steelwork and can supply materials and consumables.

Infrastructure Construction

Spectrum has broad experience in infrastructure and site construction projects. We have undertaken Turnkey projects in Greenfield, Rooftop and In-Building environments. Our wide range of projects not only covers the typical GSM/CDMA roll-outs, but also such diverse requirements as presented by Earth Station & V-Sat Operators, Government Agencies, ISP’s and Private Networks.

Our Services Include:

  • Manufacture and Installation of Interface Steel work
  • Civil & Building Works
  • Foundation Construction
  • Erection of Towers and Masts
  • General site infrastructure works
  • Electrical works and Generator installations
  • Solar and Alternative Energy Systems
  • Fencing
  • Site Maintenance
Optimisation & Wi-Fi Deployment

We provide both indoor and outdoor optimization services for 2G, 3G and 4G. Our services help ensure that network capacity, coverage and configuration are maintained and optimized to guarantee the best performance either through network growth or decommissioning, or during the addition of new features and functions. Activities include:

  • SSV Drive test
  • In-building walk tests
  • Benchmarking test both in-door and outdoor
  • Network Scanning Measurements
  • Network Interference Hunting

The benefits to our clients include reduction in maintenance requirements and minimised downtime.

Telecom Implementation

Spectrum is experienced in a multiplicity of different technologies and equipment and offers a full range of installation, intervention and maintenance services.

We have deployed over 1,000 LTE800/LTE1800 technology to Safaricom sites countrywide & 200 LTE800 sites for Telkom Kenya Limited. In addition to this, We have installed Huawei transmission equipment for the NOFBI Project in all major County headquarters in Kenya.

Installation & Commissioning is a core activity for us and we have considerable experience in the Radio and Transmission sub-sectors of the industry. Together with our electrical teams we are able to undertake work on all types of telecommunications equipment including:

  • Earth Stations & V-Sats
  • Microwave Radio
  • Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • HF, VHF & UHF equipment
  • Antenna & Feeder Systems
  • Power Back-up Systems
  • Batteries & Rectifiers
  • Multiplex and Transmission Equipment